SeaGreens Premium Potting Mix, Compost and Liquid Fertiliser

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SeaGreens Premium Potting Mix contains Marinova Sea Extract.

Marinova provides a proprietary blend of organic seaweed extract, diatomite and cellulose and is produced exclusively for manufacture of The Original SeaGreens Premium Organic Potting Mix in Tasmania by Horticultural and Landscape Supplies.

Marinova Sea Extract contains an abundance of nutrients, minerals and trace elements and possesses exceptional moisture retaining properties. For centuries, seaweed products and extracts have been used for human consumption and as organic fertilisers, bioremediators and natural growth stimulants. Plant health is enhanced as a result of improvements to soil condition, seed germination, microbial activity, structure and fertility.

Seaweeds have also been shown to stimulate root growth as well as improve plant immunity and frost resistance.


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SeaGreens Premium Potting Mix "For Foliage, Flower or Fruit"
for Foliage, Flower or Fruit!
Manufactured by: Horticultural & Landscape Supplies (Hals')
45 Crooked Billet Drive Brighton Tasmania 7030 Australia
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