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"How It͡de"

Our compost is a scientifically blended mix of composted pine bark, composted hardwood sawdust, cow manure, Marinova Organic Seaweed Extract, and coir peat. All of these certified organic materials are naturally composted for up to 12 weeks, with constant monitoring of core temperatures and nutrient levels to ensure the microbes are busy breaking down organic matter during the thermophyllic composting stage.

When the windrows stabilise and enter the mesophyllic composting stage, we screen them with our state of the art screening facility to produce two distinct composted products.

Locally made from organic, sustainable inputs; Tasmania's only certified organic compost made to Australian standards.

With over 30 years experience in the horticultural and landscaping  industry, HALS, the makers of SeaGreens products has become a leader in producing high quality composts, soil conditioners, and growing media for the Tasmanian market.


HALS is the only producer of compost in Tasmania with accreditation from Australian Standards AS4454 for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches as well as Certified Organic (TOPS TM no. 122). Because of this, you can be assured our compost is of the highest quality and produced to the strictest standards.

Purchasing our Compost

SeaGreens Premium Organic Compost is available as a soil conditioner (0-5mm) for very light mulching and soil incorporation, or as a composted mulch (blended 0-11mm). Special blends of particle sizes are available to cater to your individual production systems needs.

Bulk deliveries are available state-wide from 1-40m3, with bulka-bag (1.25m3) deliveries available on request. With our all terrain portable forklift, we can place a bulk-bag almost anywhere on your site.

Our compost may also be purchased in 30L bags from a of range leading nurseries and hardware stores throughout the state.

Additional mix-ins

HALS can also offer a wide range of slow release organic and synthetic fertilisers to be pre-mixed into your compost. This can save you valuable time and money spreading and fertilising.

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SeaGreens Premium Potting Mix "For Foliage, Flower or Fruit"
for Foliage, Flower or Fruit!
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